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- Robert Burns






The events of today. July 26th 2009


This photo has a story to tell.

This morning I got out of bed at 4 and as prearranged, son-in-law Mike who lives in the nearby city of Redmond arrived on the doorstep to pick me up at 4:45 am. It was not yet daylight. Our mission for the day was to climb to the summit of Black Crater about ten miles from home. Home is a few miles distant from the village of Sisters in Central Oregon, USA. Our plan when we got to the 4100 foot level was to hike/climb for 7 miles horizontally and 3100 feet vertically until we reached the 7200 foot summit of the crater. This we accomplished in 5 hours. What made the climb more difficult than normal was that many huge trees had fallen over the trail during the months of winter that had to be skirted around and a steeply sloping snowfield had to be traversed. When we reached the summit Mike took out his Blackberry and took this photo and still using his Blackberry he e-mailed the photo to his home in Redmond where in a few more seconds it was forwarded by e-mail to my home in Sisters. 


After 14 miles and 9 hours on the slopes I was ready to call it a day but when I got home Barbara had other news for me. "Hop into the shower and change real fast as we're going to an outdoor musical evening concert in the Sisters Village Green park that starts at 4."  C'est la vie---but the concert had more than 50 musicians and it was great.

 On the highest point of the Black Crater