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Clear Lake Hike

October 2009


Brief history of Clear Lake.

By Linn County Parks.


"Around 3000 years ago, an eruption of The Little Nash Crater, located on Sand Mountain, released torrents of lava into the McKenzie River Valley. Lava flows and volcanic ash from the eruption blocked the river that flowed through the valley, allowing the river to slowly create a lake, which today has unequaled clarity. The lava beds are still visible on the north and east shores of the lake where they flowed into the water.


The forest that was in the valley during the time of the eruption was covered with extremely cold water, forever preserving the trees that remain and are covered with water and untouched by air. Many of these trees can be seen through the crystal clear water to depths of over 100 feet.

The lake is primarily fed by springs from underground caverns that filter through lava for nearly 20 years before being released into the lake. Seasonal snowmelt and mountain creeks also feed the lake making the water temperature 35 to 42 degrees F year round."


The hike around the lake is 5½ miles long and is maybe the prettiest in Central Oregon.














October 1st 2014 Just as beautiful as ever


October 12th 2014   That's a BIG tree!