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  The village where I was born.  Chapel Green with the remains of its ancient chapel

is a very special place.  Carved into the gable of the chapel is the date 1093.


"Ah! What visions haunt me

 As I gaze upon the sea!

All the old romantic legends

All my dreams come back to me."

~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


A voice from the past.



Map of Scotland


 1.    In the Beginning

 2.   Tom Reekie, My Dad

 3.   Katie Reekie, My Mother 

 4.   Our Family's Economy

 5.   Minnie, My Sister

 6.   John Reekie, My Brother

 7.   Noel Reekie, My Brother.  

 8.   Noel's, sad farewell.

 9.   Grampa John Reekie

 10.  Shipwrecks 

 11.  St. Monans

 12.  Child of the Sea

 13.  Religious Upbringing

 14.  Pennies from Heaven

 15.  School Years

 16.  Shackleton 

 17.  Rolls-Royce

 18.  Shell Bay  

 19.  Chapel Green     

 20.  Balchrystie Burn Marsh

 21.  Ferry Road

 22.  Ruddons Point

 23.  Bandirran/Moncrieff

 24.  Missing Artwork 

 25.  Guddling for Trout

 26.  Tobacco Baron

 27.  Earlsferry Town Hall 

 28.  Earlsferry House

 29.  Rumblin Goat

 30.  Sea Sailing Canoe



For those of us who are getting on in years, like post 90, a  non commercial personal web site is a great alternative to sitting in a rocking chair in the idle moments and watching mundane TV programs. For me this personal web site is a tremendous memory jogger and it provides  a place for me to just ramble and jot down things that I had long forgotten but now I recall. As search engines have picked  up on me and I strike a chord and ring a bell with others, messages are coming in from all parts of the world from long forgotten friends and acquaintances who are now scattered around the globe.  In addition to my old friends I am contacted by others who  just wish to communicate with me. I will never meet these cyber friends in person but it's illuminating to know that people in Timbuktu, the Ukraine and every nook and cranny in the world, know that I exist and wish to know me and tell me something of their lives. As our beams sweep and crisscross the ether it's like ham radio as in the days of old all over again only now with pin-point accuracy, 24-7.  


My retired school teacher daughter Heather is my webmaster. (with a difference)  Without Heather's expertise and technical know-how I would not have begun this pastime web site.  Heather is a winner if ever there was one. She's just awesome. Talk about teaching old dogs new tricks! Heather does not do things for me but she points the way. The teacher in her has lead me down paths of discovery that for the most part  have made  me become relatively cyber self sufficient.  Her motto is, " Never, never, never give up and if at first you don't succeed, like Robert The Bruce observing a spider, try, try, try again until you do." Heather always tells me, "Dad, if you try hard enough and long enough you'll find the way to get it right."


Heather out enjoying a beautiful spring day snowshoeing up in the high country in Central Oregon.


Note: Math is very much alive. Of my web site pages my Octagon page is the most visited. 


My good friend Alberto a.k.a. Albert Lawrie kindly sends me photos of Earlsferry and the East Neuk of Fife in Scotland. Visit Alberto's Hutte and read about the Earlsferry region and Alberto's events of the day. 

This is another  great site to learn about Earlsferry and the East Neuk of Fife.


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