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Artwork that vanished.

Portrait painting of 

Gerard Alexander Moncrieff

This is a portrait painting of my very good friend Gerard Alexander Moncrieff  that was painted when he was a boy. In 1942 Gerard Moncrieff  gave his portrait to me as a gift and for 44 years his portrait has hung on the living room wall of my home.


The painting above is only a partial photograph as it just happened to be in the background when one year I was taking a photograph of our Christmas tree.  I just came across it as the other day I was digging through a collection of old photos.


On the back of the portrait's canvas is the wording in the penmanship of Gerard Moncrieff's father :


"Gerard Alexander Moncrieff, born, 23rd of August 1878, second son of Colonel Sir Alexander Moncrieff of Culfargie, KCB, FRS painted by J. Hanson-Walker, 1882."


Somewhere, this painting is hanging on someone's wall. Whoever has it today may or may not know that the painting belongs to me, Scott Reekie. I am its rightful owner and I want the painting back.


When the painting disappeared on July the 16th. 1986 I was in the process of taking it from what had been my home at Friday Harbor in the State of Washington  to another home at Beaverton in the State of Oregon in the USA. The disappearance of the painting most likely occurred in the town of Anacortes in the State of Washington where, while in transit, I had the portrait in my possession as I spent the night at a motel.  After going out to breakfast and returning to the motel I discovering that the painting was missing.


Whoever has the painting today might just as well let me have it back. There can be no enjoyment looking at the painting knowing that it belongs to someone else.


I will come anywhere to pick it up.


If anyone has seen the portrait or might know where it is I would very much appreciate being contacted as to this information. Any and all information related to the disappearance will be kept strictly confidential.



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As luck would have it, this photo of our Christmas tree

unintentionally included this bit of the painting which is why 

it is cut off and slightly out of focus.




The Day Gerard Moncrieff Gave Me the Gift of His Portrait.


 The year was 1942. Gerard Alexander Moncrieff (Monty) and I were outdoors in his Elie, Seaforth garden when air raid alert sirens wailed to give warning that enemy aircraft were in the vicinity. Shortly thereafter we heard the rattle of machine gun fire from aircraft that sounded like they were directly over head.  Monty said we better go inside which we did. When we were in his upstairs  living room he pointed to his portrait hanging on the wall and asked me the question.  "How much do you think that the painting should be insured for in the event that a bomb should hit the house and the painting be destroyed ?"  Immediately I thought what a strange question to come from him as he was a director of the very large insurance corporation, The General Accident Fire and Life Insurance Corporation.   I first asked him if the painting was insured now and he responded, " No." After thinking about it for a few seconds, my answer to him was, "Nothing.  No amount of money can recreate the painting if it were to be destroyed."  Monty was visibly moved as to my response. He got up from his chair, took the painting off the wall and handed it to me as he said, "I want you to have it."  After giving the painting to me, Monty went on to live for eight more years.  From 1942 until 1986 (44 years) ever since receiving his portrait painting I have had it hanging on the living room wall of my home, wherever I have happened to be, until the day that the painting disappeared