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- Robert Burns





Strange Happenings


I'm a mechanical engineer nuts and bolts sort of person. Two and two make four, never five. Everything has to have an explanation even though my brain can't comprehend it, such as where did the universe come from, before the supposed big bang? In my lifetime I've had so many experiences that can not be explained. I first detected that this phenomena manifested itself in my mother. I'll tell of a few.


 As a young person I served a 5 year apprenticeship to become a mechanical engineer. This necessitated me to live in the town of Dunfermline about 40 miles away. To get there and back I always traveled by motor bike. Sometimes it might be a month or more before going home and usually I made it known that I was coming. One time on the spur of the moment I decided to go home and to go there by train. When I got off the train at Elie I saw the local Earlsferry taxi man, George Graham, awaiting someone's arrival. I said, "Hello George , who are you picking up?" He looked at me in a very strange way and said, "Your mother said you were coming on this train and she sent me to get you." I assured him that this couldn't be as she had not a clue that I was coming. George repeated, "Well she was very positive that you were coming home and that you'd be on this particular train and she sent me to get you."  When I went into the house my usual place was set at the table for the evening meal. I quizzed my mother as to how did she know. She just smiled and said, "I knew."


This phenomena also manifested itself in our family border terrier dog, Jill. After I left home to live in Dunfermline for five years while I was serving a five year mechanical engineering apprenticeship Jill remained at home where my mother and father took care of her. On another similar and unannounced train visit to home I opened the railway carriage door to get off the train at the Elie railway station. There, where I got off, was Jill wagging her tail.  It was a mile and a half from our home in Earlsferry to the Elie Railway Station. I was told that Jill just ran off, something  she'd never ever done before.


Two strange incidents happened on the Earlsferry Beach.


I had just returned from having walked the length of the beach. I reached into my pocket for my pocket knife only to discover that I'd lost it.  I decided to retrace my steps to see if on a million to one chance I could find it. After I'd gone about a quarter of a mile along the sand, for some unexplained reason, I stopped, bent down and pushed my hand down into the sand. My hand emerged holding my knife. A needle in a haystack would have been easier to find.


One time I met a lady coming up from the beach. She was just frantic and beside herself. "I've lost my ring. I've lost my ring. Somewhere on the beach I must have lost my ring."  I said, "Well let's go back and see where you've been," to which she agreed. Where I met her was beside our garden. As we left I spotted our garden rake and took it with me. We'd gone about a half mile along the beach and for absolutely no reason I stopped, made a pass in the sand with the rake to have the rake emerge with the ring hooked over one of the tines.


As brothers, Noel and I were very close and many events have happened over the years that are hard to understand. It began when out of the blue we simultaneously spoke on a subject that until then was far away from what we had been talking about. One time we walked the long deserted Largo Bay beach for about a mile with neither of us speaking. Both knew exactly what the other was thinking when we simultaneously spoke.  In later years after we had gone our separate ways it was quite commonplace after a long period of being out of touch for me to attempt to telephone Noel only to pick up the phone and find there was no dial tone. As I gave a questioning "Hello?" Noel would answer, "I dialed you but I got no indication that the call had gone through." Noel was a firm believer in telepathy and the power of the mind to reach out to the person on whom he was concentrating his thoughts. He made a firm believer out of me. Noel was passionately interested in his hobby of amateur ham radio.  He was a believer that there was a force that mental waves followed the same path as radio waves. After I left Scotland to live in the United States Noel was to prove this many times. When a ham radio operator sends out a signal, it's debatable whether the call will be received in New York or thousands of miles away in San Francisco or if at all, yet repeatedly I'd get a phone call from some nearby ham radio operator who lived almost next door who would say, " I am speaking to your brother in England and I have you phone patched to him, start talking. No matter where I lived in the U.S., whether in Cleveland, Ohio or Portland in Oregon this would happen. There were times that the U.S. radio ham operator would tell Noel, "You are coming in loud and clear and you are the only signal at the moment that is coming in from Europe." 


One time Noel and his wife Marion, came to visit from England for two weeks in the summer time. At that time we had a summer home on an inlet of the sea in Puget Sound  near the town of Friday Harbor in the Pacific northwest state of Washington.  One day when Noel and I were out fishing for dinner a beautiful heavy wood beam that was about 18 inches square and about 20 feet long came drifting by. Too good a prize to pass up so we tied on a rope and towed it back to the house. Being very heavy it was all we could do by using pinch bars to move it out of the water and up into the very long grass that was growing above the high tide mark. The house had large picture windows that looked down on to the water where there were four tiny islands where big seals slept. After Noel and Marion left we decided to sell the house which sold immediately. It turned out that the man who bought the house was in the plywood business and was also a ham radio operator. As soon as he moved in he erected his radio tower then left for a three month stint to supervise the construction of a new plywood plant near Singapore. Simultaneously when Noel got back to England he left to go to Japan as the guest of Akio Morita who was the founder of the Sony electronic company and others. It happened that Noel and the new homeowner returned from their trips about the same time. Both on getting home cranked up their antenna towers and got on the air. From Noel, "This is G3GSN in England calling the west coast of the USA. " From the recipient of his call, "This is XXXXX on the west coast of the USA."  From Noel," I was recently in the USA and was in the Pacific northwest.  Response. "I am in the Pacific northwest." Response.  "I was visiting on an island called Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands." Response " I live near Friday Harbor on San Juan Island in a house that I just bought."  Now the cheese is getting binding. From Noel, "When you got out of bed this morning, put on your bathrobe and your slippers and made your coffee and you looked out of your living room windows, were there five or six seals sleeping on the big rock in front?" After a period of silence, "There were five."  From Noel, "Down on the waterfront in front of where you are is there a big log laying above the waterline in the long grass?" Response, "Not to my knowledge." From Noel, "Would you just lay down your mike for a moment and go down the steps to the beach and take a look?" The man did that. When he got back to his mike he was speechless. Noel had reached out 8,000 miles and made his presence felt right into the very living room of the  house on a remote island where he had very recently just been. At this time Noel did not know that we had sold the house and that it had a new owner.


Once again Noel had proved that the body lays down pathways, lines of force, Ley Lines, that once a person has been to a place it forever becomes  easier for the person and his mind to return to that place and that the waves created by mental energy and radio energy follow the same path by way of the ionosphere.



To be continued.