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Fountain of Youth

As boys Jems and I played many pranks on others but we also played many pranks on each other.  One day I devised a scheme to get him.  The front door of our house had a double door entry way.  In the long days of summer the outside front door was always left open.  Normally this outer door would only be closed if the day was raining or blustery.  Containing our garden was a high garden wall. Set into this garden wall was our side garden door. Most everyone who came to see us used the front door.  Only our special and very good friends used our back door in the wynd (lane) side of our house.  On a day that I knew that Jems was coming to be with me I carefully set the side door in the wall just slightly ajar.  On top of the door I balanced a two gallon pail such that when the door was opened it would go off balance and in falling tumble upside down.  Carefully I added water to the pail until it was almost full to the brim. When satisfied with my trap I retreated into the house to wait.  After about ten minutes with an almighty racket the trap sprung.  I opened the house door prepared to laugh my head off at Jems.  God in his Heaven. There stood our Presbyterian minister, "drookit, an wi' the bucket clashed doon ower his lugs." 

I ran to open our side door but just incase I didn't hear the xxxx words that I thought I heard our man of the cloth yell I wont repeat it here. 

In all innocence I was not aware that that morning our minister was coming to our house to go over the details of my sister Minnie's forthcoming wedding.

When I was a baby the reverend baptized me in the Elie parish church.  I had returned him the courtesy of The Ferry, but good. I later rationalized that his Ferry baptismal was  an act of God?

Getting Jems would have to wait for another day. Ha, ha.